Bulgarian Naval Confederation becomes IMC member

At the occasion of the 39 th Meeting of the Executive Council on November 28, 2014 at Venice the Bulgarian Naval Confederation (BNC) became member of IMC. With this a two years period of applying membership could be finished successfully.

BNC is the umbrella organization for eight bulgarian maritime associations all of which have to do with navy, shipping, water sports and sailing. It is a non-profit legal entity with no economic purpose, which realizes its operation for the benefit of the community and has to meet seven main principles: voluntariness, managment bodies, coordination and support of each other , equality of members, financial independance of the main members, transparency of activities, inadmissibility of discrimination.

The principle aims are:

- Representation and protection of the interests of the civil society in Bulgaria, and the
interests of the Bulgarian Navy and other similar organizations.

- Protection of the interests of the members of the confederation, and interests of the
veterans and officials of the Bulgarian Navy.

- Support the integration of Bulgaria , the Bulgarian Navy and its members in
international security organizations.

- Ensure a fair access to the resources of the state, local authority and international organizations in order to develop the marine idea in Bulgaria.

BNC is organized by:
- President (at the moment Captain Stanko Stankov), Deputy,Organizational Secretary, Treasurer

- Executive Board (organizes execution of the decisions of the Congress and
Confederation Board)

- Confederation Board (the governing body of Confederation between two Congresses)

- Congress ( takes place every three years , special session possible), decides statutes,
internal regulations, elects President , Deputy. Organizing secretary, Confederation Board, etc.

IMC welcomes the Bulgarian Naval Confederation hereby at its center and is looking forward to a good and active cooperation for the maritime interests of Europe. As a first proof of performance BNC has already taken over, to organize the next IMC Youth Sailing Camp of July 31 to August 11, 2014 in Varna.

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