Oberleutnant zur See Max Oberthür leads the wreath carriers (Quelle: © 2013 Bundeswehr / Eckhard-Herbert Arndt/Presse- und Informationszentrum Marine)

The wreath delegations at their positions (Quelle © 2013 Bundeswehr Eckhard-Herbert ArndtPresse- und Informationszentrum Marine).

A special vibe (Quelle © 2013 Bundeswehr Eckhard-Herbert ArndtPresse- und Informationszentrum Marine)

Hauptbootsmann Clemens Schliep from the Marinemusikkorps Ostsee (Quelle © 2013 Bundeswehr Eckhard-Herbert Arndt Presse- und Informationszentrum Marine)

The German Naval Memorial brings people from all over the world together
It is a integral part of the "Kieler Woche": the wreath ceremony at the cenotaph, for remembering the missed soldiers at see of all countries. The Memorial has been adeptet in 1939 close to the Kieler Förde's exit and entrance waters. It belongs to the German Naval Association and is very valuable for such exercises.

The sequence of the small ceremony, which was held on this Monday, has been planned and prepared for weeks. The implementation of this ceremony lies in the hands of a dedicated project manager. Again this year Lieutnant Max Oberthür, a passionate reserve officer, managed the whole procedure.

15 wreaths were laid in the ordination hall by the ring gear carriers for the various nations, as well as associations and other institutions.

Background music
Also in this year the NCO School (MUS) presented a considerable number of soldiers, including ring gear carriers. Chief Petty Officer Clemens Schliep with his trumpet am Private Lennart Voss with his drum from the Marinemusikkorps Ostsee joined the ceremony with the Song about the Good Comrade (Lied vom guten Kameraden). To accompany the wreath laying acousticly Petty Officer Peter Ahrens whistled the Boatswain's pipe. Usually Ahrens belongs to the Gorch Fock's crew.

A place of collective remembrance
Before the wreathes have been laid, the protestant Military Dean, Achim Wenzel and his catholic collegue Rainer Schadt held a short worship. The tenor of the speech was that, Laboe is a place of commom memory and that there is the duty to keep peace between all people. A common "Our Father" finished the prayer.

This experience became the subject of many discussions.
The wreath delegations entered the memorial successively to stand according to their plan in the ordination hall. For the most of the soldiers this has been the first time to experience the Naval Memorial so close.

The mood in the ordination hall left a lasting impression at all as the wreaths were laid. The ceremony finished with the song of the Good Comrade (Lied vom Guten Kameraden). The German Naval Assossiation invited, like the years before, all participants into the "Scheer-Haus" next to the German Naval Memorial. Satisfied by some refreshments, the international soldiers started to talk about the new experience.

Quelle: Eckhard-Herbert Arndt (Presse- und Informationszentrum Marine)
Translation: Deutscher Marinebund e.V.


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