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IMC Summer Camp 2017 Varna/Bulgaria

During yearly council in Paris in November 2017 was taken decision, IMC Summer camp to be organized in city of Varna, Bulgaria by Bulgarian Navy Confederation. That Summer Varna was the Capital of the European Youth. Capital of the Youth was a Forum where young people are stating their attitude to the world and acceptance of their future way of developing. As a part of this forum and according statue of IMC, summer camp showed how young people are accepting Maritime profession, keeping the sea and world environment clean.

Summer Camp 2017 Varna.


The Camp was held from August 4th till August 14. There were 38 youngsters, from Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium that participate in the camp. During the camp participants acquire basic seagoing skills, have been trained for rowing at sea, sailing, became familiar with Bulgarian history and culture visiting museums, attended the Bulgarian Navy feast where were able to visit navy ships and other local events.

Campers were separated in 5 crews in which they were mixed from all nationalities. This approach help to create good team spirit and relationship between nations. Official language was English. At the end of the camp was held a competition between all teams and champion was elected. Competition was supervised by official delegations from all countries that send participants. For delegations were organized separate program that includes visits of Navy Commander cocktail organized for Navy Feast.


Summer Camp 2017 Varna/Bulgaria.


As per feedback got from delegations Summer Camp was very well organized taking in mind all requirements needed in case one is working with youngsters.

We would like to mention great support for the  organization of the Summer camp from our sponsor Municipality of Varna city with its Meer Mr. Portnih. Also, we would like to thank to the Commander of Naval Academy admiral Mednicarov and the Commander of Bulgarian Navy admiral Petev.

Every day is documented by photos and videos which can be seen at :

Captain Navy /r/ Ivan GOTSEV
President of BNC

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