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Summercamp 2018 in Venice/Italy

Recently the summer camp of the International Maritime Conferderation (IMC) took place in Venice. In the following the participants report in diary form of their experiences:

Day 1, 24.07.2018

At 07:00 o'clock we started our adventure with a minibus from Hof ??to the IMC-Camp 2018 to Venice. During the 850 km journey we drove both the alpine mountains of Austria and Italy, as well as the vast plains of northern Italy to the south. In Venice, after a short walk, we reached the island of St. Elena, where our accommodation, the Naval School "Franceso Morosini" was located. Here we were warmly welcomed and we were given our rooms. These were mixed with the participants of the other countries, so we get to know each other better. All participants received a sports bag with five T-shirts, two polo shirts, two short sports pants, water shoes, a complete tracksuit and a cap. We were very surprised that we could keep all this and also allowed to take home afterwards. After a strict instruction in the usual rules of conduct in the marine military school and a subsequent dinner, it was called off to the bunks

Day 2, 25.07.2018

After breakfast, which seems to be basically a bit "lean" in Italy, we were taken together with the other participants in rows of three on the forecourt. After a short walk in step with the small harbor of the school, we climbed into a school-owned barge, which translated us every day to the "Lido di Venezia", ??about 20 kilometers long hose-like island opposite the school. At the local "bus stop" for the water bus, we got out and walked about 1.5 kilometers to a beach section, which is reserved only for members of the Italian Navy. There were beach chairs, beach huts and a restaurant. Here we got a briefing and lesson in sailing. After that, we held a small competition by proving our swimming skills at Kentermanövern. Then we were called to lunch, which was cooked in the school's galley and delivered to the island. After the subsequent "Siesta" we received further sailing lessons before returning to the accommodation. At the port of the school we got the taught on this day lesson content once again as a "briefing". The free time in the evening we spent in the city center. There we managed to independently explore many of the most famous sights. Later we learned that three participants from Austria, who did not get along with the requirements in the camp, left prematurely. These were, fortunately, the only "failures".


German delegation.

Day 3, 26.07.2018

Like the day before, we moved to "Lido" after breakfast to get an introduction to the upcoming activities. Here we were divided into teams of five for the first time to sail together on the school boats. For lunch, we rigged our boats and made our way back. After an opulent dinner and the high temperatures we fell exhausted in our bunks. We had to sleep with open doors, which did not bother us, because otherwise it would be in the stifling and overheated rooms anyway unbearable. A small nocturnal "draft" brought at least minimal cooling.

Day 4, 27.07.2018

The day began as the days before with beds, as in the military, followed by breakfast and the transfer to the beach. Since we had alternated on the day before in the boats in different positions, we drove now a little safer on the Mediterranean before Venice. We were very happy when we finally heard that we could come for lunch as it was unbearably hot that day. Despite all, it was again a very funny day on the beach and on and in the water. We ended the evening in a local pizzeria.

Day 5, 28.07.2018

After the usual morning habits and a short speech, we were divided into two groups. While one was busy with basketball on the school's own sports field, the other was instructed in the art of Venetian rowing in a four-passenger nacelle. Although everyone has rowed before, this rowing style was not that easy. In the afternoon there was an interesting tour of the resident Maritime Museum and a visit to the naval boat exhibition at the Arsenal. Then we went to the city, where we took both the local shops, as well as restaurants and looked after us with trifles.

imc jugendsegellager

Rigging boats.

Day 6, 29.07.2018

Today, the groups formed the previous day were exchanged so that those who had been physically active the day before were now instructed in the rowing of gondolas. Due to the high waves, the rowing exercises had to be limited to the small harbor of the Naval School. Meanwhile, the "sports group" was sweating in the hot, humid heat of Venice during a football match. After extensive refreshments and a lunch, we went on a two-hour tour of the Doge's Palace, probably the most famous attraction in Venice. During the visit, the history and use of the palace over the different eras was explained by a guide. Before dinner we had time to stay in the city. After dinner we spent the rest of the evening in the common room, where we played games like table tennis or table football.

Day 7-9, 30.07.-01.08.2018

The week started as usual with a breakfast in the military school and the subsequent drive to our beach section at the Lido. We camp participants from Germany had pointed out to our sailing trainer that pure sailing on the water is not a challenge for us. So he gave those who already had sailing experience the opportunity to sail together on a boat. We then equipped ourselves with a spinnaker and practiced with it. The next day was similar, but there was no compulsory school pasta in the evening. Instead, we were allowed to dine with the youthful supervisors, the students of the Naval School, in a very good restaurant. This was a nice change from everyday life in the military school. At the same time, we got to know the supervisors better. Wednesday became one of the most exciting days of the week, as we delivered a small sailing regatta against the other participants in the camp. The groups for the regatta divided our sailing instructors, which we were very satisfied German sailors. The placement of the German teams was correspondingly very good. Of the six boats launched, Germany was represented on three boats. Overall, the worst German boat reached the 5th place, the best prevail against the others with the 2nd and 1st place.

auf see

Evening idyll.

Day 10, 02.08.2018

The day before departure, it was exciting again, as we got the opportunity to navigate the boats from the beach of the Lido back to school and thus through the canals of Venice. But before that a passing storm had to be awaited. After arriving at the marina we cleaned the sailboats and went for lunch. In the afternoon, we had some spare time packing our suitcases and dressing up for the evening Admirals Day. At 7pm, we met up with the school leaders, the organizers and sailing teachers, and representatives of the six member countries at the Naval Officers' Fair at the Arsenal for dinner, to round off the IMC Camp with a 3-course meal.

Day 11, 03.08.2018

On Friday we went to breakfast before breakfast, at 5:30, to the car park. First we took the water bus for over an hour through Venice. Unfortunately, it was the wrong water bus, so we were forced to walk again with luggage about 1.5 kilometers to the parking garage. At 7:30 am we finally started the journey home to Germany. In Innsbruck we took a little break at the "yellow M" and casually canceled our new and beloved friend and teamleader from Austria, Florian. The next few hours were pleasant and quiet, except for a small traffic jam near Regensburg. All in all it was a nice experience, with new impressions and new friends from other countries. At this point a big thank you to the IMC, the Italian organizers, the German Naval Federation and all those who participated in the program.

Text & Pictures: Natalia Chmielewska, Finja Schmidt, Bastian Friedrich, Justus Schiessl, Jonas Taschner, Alexander Spörl

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